7 Feb 2018

Seasonal Influenza Outbreak Advisory

Yip’s Children’s Choral & Performing Arts Centre

Class Operation:

YCCPAC classes will operate as scheduled as the class cancellation announcement made by the HKSAR Education Bureau on Feb. 7, 2018 only covers kindergarten, primary and special education classes. Extra curricular activities or classes at learning centres like YCCPAC are excluded.

Parental Guidance:

1. Please check your child's temperature before coming to class. Please refrain from taking class if any apparent symptoms are found.  Students should remain home and rest.

2. Please equip your child with sanitizing wipes and face masks. 

3. Please sanitize your child before entering classrooms.


Special Measures:

1. All classrooms at YCCPAC are equipped with effective sanitizing sprays and wipes. Our staff will vigilantly disinfect our toys and facilities. 

2. All members are required to wear face masks to enter YCCPAC premise and classrooms.

3. All hands will be sanitized before entering classrooms. If necessary, we will measure body temperature for members.

4. If a member develops or shows Flu symptoms during class, our staff will measure body temperature and arrange pick-up with his/her parents to ensure the well-being of all members and staff.

5. Pre-school Music Course (CPS) students: Students who apply for absences due to flu-related illnesses will be exempt from the  Course Assessment Absence Quota of 3 absences during Feb 8 to 13, 2018.