16 Sep 2020

YCCPAC - Class Resumed

In view of the recent trend of easing of the epidemic, From 16th September, to 23rd October, Yip's Children's Choral and Performing Arts Centre will resume all the classes successively. Further notice will be announced for details. Parents please pay attentions to email.

1). On September 9th, our center has announced on the Yip's Center website that classes will be resumed in different phases according to different courses and age groups. For details, please refer to the notice of each class!

2). Health and Safety Measures:
  ● All students / teachers / staff or visitors must have their body temperature measured and wear face masks (including during classes) when entering each center;
  ● Students of Preschool/Choral and Musical Theater Division need to wear transparent protective face shields on top of face masks during classes (Face shields are available for free at reception desk in each center for students who have not yet claimed the item ). Students in instrumental classes have no such requirement due to the different nature of the instrumental classes.
  ● Before entering the classroom, each student must disinfect his/her hands;
  ● We ensure that there are sanitizing agents in each classroom (such as disinfecting alcohol hand gel or disinfecting wet tissues);
  ● We will regularly sterilize all equipment and objects that are in contact by hands in each classroom in between classes;
  ● If the student exhibits any symptoms or fever during the class, the teacher will notify the center staff and the center staff will contact the parent / guardian in a timely manner;
  ● According to the guidelines of the Education Bureau Department, we do maximize the distance between seats within all the space of the classroom;
  ● No recess time will be given during classes to avoid social gatherings for Choral & Musical Theater Division.
  ●  Parents should pick up students 10 minutes earlier than scheduled class ending time for our staff to disinfect the classrooms for the next class;
  ● To avoid excessive social contact and maintain air circulation, only one parent/adult is allowed during drop off and pick up; NO strollers or conveyance instruments are allowed to avoid blockage of public areas; and NO one (including parents and domestic helpers) should stay in the center lobby and corridor;
  ● As the epidemic situation of Covid-19 may still change, the center will continue to pay close attention to the situation, and parents should also pay close attention to all updates on our website and emails.

3). The center also calls on parents to take the following measures for their children and maintain good personal and environmental hygiene:
  ● Parents are requested to take temperature measurements for all students at home before coming to class. Parents of the Preschool Division students should fill in the “Temperature Log” in the student handbook, and all other members are to ask parents to fill out the “Student Travel and Health Status Declaration Form”. If students exhibit any symptoms or fever, DO NOT come to the center, and seek medical treatment immediately, and ask for leave from the center;
  ● All students must wear masks, transparent protective face shields (provided by our center), clean and disinfect their hands before entering the classroom;
  ● Each student’s schoolbag must have hand sanitizer (such as alcohol hand gel, disinfectant wet tissues, and several spare masks);
  ● Students are to cover their mouths and noses with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing, and then clean hands thoroughly;
  ● Students are not allowed to bring snacks and drinks (except water) to class ;
  ● Parents are only allowed to arrive at all Yip’s premises and class venues NOT sooner than 5 minutes before and at end of class for drop off and pick up students;
  ● In order to improve the vigilance of our teachers and the center on the students’ health, parents are requested to fill out the “Student Travel and Health Status Declaration Form” (the form can be downloaded from our website or obtained from each center office), providing the following information:
     (a) Student travel records within the last 14 days;
     (b) Whether the student has been diagnosed with Covid-19;
     (c) Disclose the health of the student’s caretaker or those who live with the student;
     (d) The student's health.

     After signing, parents must hand in the form to our teachers during each class. Students who have been sick and have recovered, but are still within 14 days of the compulsory quarantine period, please do not return to the center for classes and please notify their belonged center.

Download this letter

Downlaod “Student Travel and Health Status Declaration Form”