12 Jan 2022

The latest news on classes arrangement

12 January 2022

*The latest news on classes arrangement due to new Covid measurement:*

To all parents:

Due to the new development of the Covid situation in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Education Bureau  announced on January 11 (Tuesday) that all kindergartens and lower primary schools are to suspend in-person classes on or before January 14 (Friday), until after Chinese New Year Holiday.

Here are the class arrangements from January 14 to January 30 at our centres:

CPS、CP、CE、CI、MTP-A/B/C、MT-I/J、FC、CP-Elite 、CE/CI-Elite, and all Tap classes (EXCEPT for CH-Tap) will be changed to ZOOM classes at the regular class schedule, all information will be sent to all parents.

Students of CH、MTS/PreS and CH-Tap can choose either in-person class or ZOOM class (If any students have been close contacts or linked to the current cases, please refrain from coming back to the centers and please inform our center administrators).

PCPS classes will be suspended during this period; as for the instrumental classes, the teachers will inform each student individually as different teachers will have different arrangements.

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